CLS Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking


Early this summer, CLS will welcome a new human trafficking fellow -a lawyer who will focus on providing civil legal services to victims of human trafficking, and who will also coordinate CLS’ role in the statewide fight to end human trafficking in Connecticut.

The human trafficking fellow will be with us on a two-year fellowship funded by the Crime Victim Justice Corps, a project of Washington D.C.’s Equal Justice Works. The fellow will be one of a cohort of 35 fellows placed in civil legal aid organizations across the country to increase access to civil legal aid for human trafficking victims.

We received the fellowship in April, and are now in the process of hiring. Interested lawyers can find out more here.

Human trafficking – which includes both sex trafficking and labor trafficking – is a serious and likely growing problem in Connecticut. In 2017 alone, the state’s Department of Children and Families identified 212 children who were suspected of being victims of trafficking. The Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking organization, mapped the state as a part of one of the nation’s highest-prevalence zones for human trafficking, largely because of our location along the route from New York to Boston.

CLS believes that civil legal aid can be part of the solution. Trafficking victims often need the kinds of help that CLS is uniquely equipped to provide – from immigration help to advocacy for expungements of prostitution convictions that were imposed as a consequence of trafficking. And, at the systems level, we’re committed to using our litigation and legislative advocacy skills to help coalition partners end trafficking for good.