Our Clients

We focus our services on people who need us the most and for whom we can make the most difference.

Our Clients Are People In Crisis

Our clients are members of our community. Like most of us, they face challenges – challenges for which having a lawyer can make a world of difference. Yet, with little or no income in the midst of a civil legal crisis, they have no other options for legal representation. They face issues ranging from unsafe, unstable, or unaffordable housing, to lack of medical care, domestic violence, inappropriate education for their children, and consumer debt harassment. Sometimes, they have several issues simultaneously. Our clients are all ages and ethnicities. Often, they have physical disabilities, can’t read or write, have mental health issues, are subject to discrimination based on their race or ethnicity or gender, don’t speak English, are fighting an illness, or caring for a needy child or parent. Sometimes, they face several of these life barriers, all at once. Whatever challenges our clients face, our advocates can and do make a significant difference in their lives.

Our Clients Are People In Crisis

Our Clients Are Diverse


of our clients were women


of our clients were people of color


of our clients were at least 60 years old


of our clients were living with a disability