Our Work

Everyone has basic needs from stable affordable housing to medical treatment to food security.  Sometimes, legal problems prevent people from meeting those basic needs. We use our legal skills and advocacy to help clients, their families, and their communities solve urgent life problems. We focus on helping our clients secure stable housing, financial security, physical safety, healthcare, education, and personal autonomy.

The Problems We Solve

We focus our work on a broad range of civil legal issues including —housing, family, public benefits, elder, children, and immigration. Our advocates work hard to ensure that we are addressing the most pressing legal needs of our clients and are ready to respond to any new issues that may arise within the most vulnerable populations in our community.

How We Solve Them

We provide client-centered individual legal representation and counsel to our clients across a broad range of civil matters. We engage in legal and policy advocacy to ensure that our work extends beyond our immediate client base.

Special Projects

We often engage in special projects to help further our mission and protect the critical civil legal rights of low-income individuals and families. These projects can be ongoing (as our Consumer Law Project for Elders) or time limited (as our Financial Distress Research Project).

Legal Education and Outreach

In addition to our individual client work, we coordinate and conduct over 200 legal education and outreach events each year to both our client communities and the other services agencies that serve them. These events are meant to educate the low-income community so that they know when they need assistance in enforcing their rights; and to provide service providers with information so that they can make appropriate and informed referrals to our offices.