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The Latest News from CLS


Fighting for Fair Housing in Norwalk

In 1984, the NAACP sued the city of Norwalk, CT, alleging rampant housing discrimination.  Connecticut Legal Services stood shoulder to shoulder with the NAACP, representing a handful of African-American plaintiffs who had themselves been the victims of unfair housing discrimination. Now, 34 years later, CLS is proud to represent the Norwalk NAACP in negotiations with the […]



John, a college lecturer with a PhD, was viciously assaulted and left with a traumatic brain injury. When he woke up from months in a coma, John had lost his ability to walk independently, to read, and to write – and he had also lost his home, which had been foreclosed while he was unconscious. […]



Too often, justice for Connecticut’s domestic violence victims depends on how much money they have. That’s unfair and unsafe. And, thanks to a new pilot project, it’s also starting to change. Starting July 1, Connecticut Legal Services (CLS) will partner with the Judicial Branch and others in an exciting advocacy effort that could be a […]


CLS Releases RFPs for Strategic Planning and Rebranding

On April 30, CLS released two requests for proposals seeking bids from contractors for a strategic planning process and a rebranding initiative. The strategic planning process is projected to begin in the second half of 2018, with rebranding to follow immediately afterward in the first half of 2019. Proposals are due by June 8, 2018. […]


CLS’ Lead Advocacy Initiative Gains Momentum at the Legislature

As Connecticut’s 2018 legislative session draws to a close, CLS advocates see an opportunity to advance justice and opportunity for vulnerable children by pushing for legislation that mandates consideration of new standards to protect against lead poisoning. Every year, hundreds of children across Connecticut are poisoned by exposure to lead paint. That exposure can have […]


CLS Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Early this summer, CLS will welcome a new human trafficking fellow -a lawyer who will focus on providing civil legal services to victims of human trafficking, and who will also coordinate CLS’ role in the statewide fight to end human trafficking in Connecticut. The human trafficking fellow will be with us on a two-year fellowship […]