we are a non profit law firm dedicated to improving the lives of low-income people by providing access to justice
“There are thousands more out there like me who need help. They need support and someone to fight for them. If people like my advocate from Connecticut Legal Services weren’t around to help these people, they wouldn’t get a second chance—they’d be stuck in nursing homes.”
—CLS Client
“Just when I did not have any hope, legal aid was able to help me. They impacted my life in such a positive way. There are a lot of people like me that need legal services and cannot afford them. Legal aid helps people accomplish their goals, like keeping their children and their homes, being safe, and going to school.”
— Legal Aid Client

Welcome to Connecticut Legal Services

Our staff, volunteers, and supporters work toward the goal of making Connecticut a place where low-income people can meet their basic needs and be assured equal access to opportunities and justice. 

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