How We Solve Problems

Legal Representation and Counseling:

Our advocates represent and advise clients in court, administrative, community, legislative, and other forums.  We provide a legal assessment of our clients’ legal needs and determine the level of services required (if appropriate) to help the client meet their case goals and achieve a positive outcome in their case.  Our services can vary from a one-time phone call to protracted litigation that can go on for years. Whichever level of services our clients receive, our goal remains the same—do the best we can to help improve our clients’ lives and help them secure the help necessary to meet their legal needs.   

Policy Advocacy and Impact Litigation

Our impact extends beyond the individuals that we assist. We have a long history of successful impact litigation, some of which is extraordinarily complex, that make lasting change in the law and improve the lives of many people at once. We also advocate for policy changes that affect thousands of people that do not come through our doors.

In 2018, we protected coverage for Medicare recipients by advocating against the budget cuts that would have slashed prescription medication coverage for more than 100,000 low-income elderly people in Connecticut. CLS worked with allies to find a common-sense solution that protects vulnerable people against losing life-saving medication. The budget that ultimately passed in May, 2018 restored full funding!

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Solving Problems Together