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At CLS, we dream of a justice system through which all people can get the legal assistance they need, regardless of income, education, language, skin color, or age.  We dream of a time when no one plunges through the justice gap because poverty puts an attorney’s help beyond reach.

Debbie, a 24-year-old college student, was desperately trying to better her life when she got involved with a man without knowing that he had a history of domestic violence.  Shortly after Debbie married him, he began abusing her, and she realized his true nature.  She became pregnant, but the abuse did not stop; in fact, it escalated.  Debbie finally turned to the police for help, and her husband was arrested for assault.  She obtained a protective order through the criminal court and a civil restraining order.  
Debbie was overwhelmed and desperately needed help but did not know where to turn and couldn’t afford an attorney.  A counselor at the local family court referred Debbie to CLS.  Her CLS attorney helped her file for divorce and represented Debbie in her restraining order case when her husband tried multiple times to have the order modified.  In the divorce, Debbie’s husband filed numerous motions for modification, all to harass her and to bring her into court so he could have contact with her.  Her CLS attorney appeared in court on her behalf to object to these motions and requested that the judge prevent the husband from filing frivolous and harassing motions.  The attorney’s request was granted, and Debbie’s case finally went to trial.  After that, and after a full hearing, the judge granted her request for sole custody of her child.
Debbie is now finishing school and building a safe and productive life for herself and her child.

Thousands of low-income people in Connecticut like Debbie need your help to access life-changing legal services and avoid falling through the justice gap.  Thank you for donating to the Campaign for Justice and helping those who need it most.



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