Connecticut Legal Services provides free legal help for the most vulnerable people in our community.

We provide free legal help for low-income people. Usually, that means households making less than 125% of the federal poverty line. In 2017, 77% of our clients came from families that made less than 125% of the poverty line - that's $30,375 annually for a family of four.

We are the free legal services provider in 122 communities across Connecticut - every place that isn’t part of greater Hartford or greater New Haven. But we work beyond those boundaries, too: We operate statewide hotlines for elderly people and for consumer debt protection that extend to every community in the state. And we collaborate with our sister legal aid agencies to host a website that provided free legal information to more than 1.3 million visitors across Connecticut in 2017.


% of our new clients in 2017 who made less than $30,375 for a family of four


% of our new clients in 2017 who were women


% of our new clients in 2017 who were at least 60 years old

We serve every low-income person who needs us - regardless of immigration status.

We know that this is a time of great concern and anxiety for non-citizens in Connecticut -- and for many others who may be subject to discrimination.

Connecticut Legal Services stands with these members of our client population. We serve low-income people regardless of their immigration status, and we never discriminate against vulnerable people who need our help.

We are working with other advocacy groups to protect immigrants, refugees, and people of all religions from illegal action that would separate low-income families and interfere with low-income Connecticut residents’ efforts to achieve safety and stability.