Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Connecticut Legal Services Statement on The Rights of Immigrants, Refugees and People of all Religions

We are in a time of great concern and anxiety for non-citizen low-income residents of Connecticut and others who may be subject to discrimination.

Connecticut Legal Services stands with these members of our client population.  We are working with other advocacy groups to protect immigrants, refugees, and people of all religions from illegal action that would separate low-income families, and interfere with low-income Connecticut residents’ efforts to achieve safety and stability.

CLS provides legal representation and legal counseling to low-income people who are subject to discrimination in housing, who need protection from family violence, sexual abuse or sexual assault, who are not paid the wages due to them, and who are denied government assistance to which they are entitled.  We provide legal counseling and representation in immigration matters for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and to young immigrants.

Additionally, we are working with the Connecticut chapter of the American Immigrants Lawyers Association to create informational presentations and basic screening for immigration relief to immigrant groups in Connecticut.

By mid-February, we will have established a telephone hotline to do legal screenings  for low-income immigrants.  We are also working with partner agencies to assist immigrants who have children with stand-by guardianships, in case a parent is suddenly taken in an immigration raid.

Immigrants who are interested in finding out what additional relief may be available to them can go to .

Additional help or resources from our partners in the legal aid network can be found at:

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